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J. Ahrens, S. Spors "Spatial Encoding and Decoding of Focused Virtual Sound Sources"

J. Anderson "Introducing... the Ambisonic Toolkit"

J. Anderson, S. Costello "Adapting Artificial Reverberation Architectures for B-Format Signal Processing"

A. Avni, B. Rafaely "Interaural Cross Correlation and Spatial Correlation in a sound Field Represented by Spherical Harmonics"

J-M. Batke "The B-Format Microphone Revised"

S. Bertet, J. Daniél, E. Parizet, O. Warusfel "Influence on Microphone and Loudspeaker Setup on Perceived Higher Order Ambisonics Reproduced Sound Field" 

M. Chapman, et al. "A Standard for Interchange of Ambisonic Signal Sets"

M. Chapman "Symmetries of Spherical Harmonics: Applications to Ambisonics"

M. Chapman, Philip Cotterell "Towards a Comprehensive Account of Valid Ambisonic Transformations"

P.G. Craven, M.J. Law, C. Travis "Microphone Arrays Using Tangential Velocity Sensors" 

J. Daniel "Evolving Views on HOA"

F.M. Fazi, Ph.A. Nelson, R. Potthast "Analogies and Differences between 3 Methods for Sound Field Reproduction"

J. Hannemann "Broadband Multipole-Matching Rendering: The Current State of Affairs"

M. Kratschmer, R. Rabenstein "Implementing Ambisonics on a 48 Channel Circular Loudspeaker Array"

N. Mariette "AmbiGrainer - A Higher Order Ambisonic Granulator in Pd"

F. Melchior, A. Gräfe, A. Partzsch "Spatial Audio Authoring for Ambisonics Reproduction"

D. Menzies "Calculation of Near-Field Head Related Transfer Functions Using Point Soucre Representations"

A. Parthy, C. Jin, A.v. Schaik "Evaluation of a Concentric Rigid and Open Spherical Microphone Array for Sound Reproduction"

A.M. Pasqual, J.R.d. França Arruda, Ph. Herzog "Digital Equalization Filters for a Spherical Loudspeaker Array"

M. Poletti "Unified Description of Ambisonics using Real and Complex Spherical Harmonics"

M. Pollow, B. Masiero "Measuring Directivities of Natural Sound Sources with a Spherical Microphone Array"

H. Pomberger, F. Zotter "An Ambisonics Format for Flexible Playback Layouts"

M. Rumori "Girafe - A Versatile Ambisonics and Binaural System"

A. Schlesinger, M.M. Boone "Application of MVDR Beamforming to Spherical Arrays"

A. Schmeder "An Exploration of Design Parameters for Human-Interactive Systems with Compact Spherical Loudspeaker Arrays"

S. Spors "Comparison of wave field synthesis and higher-order Ambisonics"

Ch. Travis "A New Mixed-Order Scheme for Ambisonic Signals"

Ch. Travis, P.G. Craven "Extended B Format for Ambisonics Interfacing"


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