Technical data:

within COMEDIA project, world premier of streaming directional Ambisonics, 4th order, from IEM, Graz, to the concert hall "Espace de Projection" at IRCAM, Paris.

Video of source rendered to stereo, dry, higher quality

Video of source rendered to stereo, dry, small

For download of higher quality see at


Piece Title -- Enrique Crespo    Improvisation Nr. 1 für Posaune Solo 6min.

Artist -- From the JAZZ- Trombone class at the University  Professor Eibinger Thomas, 
head of department for wind instruments will supervise this Demo which will be 
played by *Sasha Hois* and they chose:

Microphone Array: 64 microphones in a sphere rendered to Ambisonics 4th order


 Video -- with dvts: 30MBit/sec, camera Sony HVR-V1E, 3 frames buffer

 Audio -- with jacktrip raw (latency 512 Samples on receiver/sender + 30ms transmission) = 70ms-100ms

Feedback stream: 

  VLC stream Theora PAL/stereo


  IRC chat on

Conversion to Ambisonics File::

 channels content on multichannel and track files

 recording concert at IEM, Messkoje Mikrofonkugel (surrounding spherical

 channel 1:   : s4
 channel 2:   : s3
 channel 3:   : s2
 channel 4: y : s1
 channel 5: w : c0/sqrt(2)
 channel 6: x : c1
 channel 7:   : c2
 channel 8:   : c3
 channel 9:   : c4

 Stereo fast: L = sqrt(2)*c0 + s1, R = sqrt(2)*c0 - s1

 Source room: 
  IEM - Inffeldgasse 10/1: acoustical labor 

 Target room: 

  "espace de projection" with Wavefield synthesis 512 channels in front rendered from ambisonics simulation, Video beam